Ian Kiaer

Endless house Project (Salisbury Walk / Geese)

This is Part of a project that is based on Friedric
Kiesler’s notion of the ‘endless house’. He developed
his theory on a one family unit house, infinitely
adjustable, that provided the moist conducive
environment for implementing his ideas of the
co-relation of living / thinking / dwelling.

This particular work takes the housing estate where
Ian Kiaer lives and reconfigured it in relation to
it’s immediate environment: Waterlow Park. Both the
19th Century park and the late 20th Century housing
estate reflect their respective society’s attitude to
social welfare. The housing block is generic of the
high density social housing projects of the 1970’s and reflects the modernist concern to produce low cost housing that delivers proportionally the highest
quality of living to the largest number of residents. Waterlow Park was donated by Sydney Waterlow in 1889, who was himself chairman of the improved dwellings company. He wanted to create “a garden for the gardenless”.

Ian Kiaer shows with Asprey Jacques in London and is currently undertaking a PhD at the Royal College of Art.